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Legacy Media is proud to have been the official videographer for the 2017 Battle of Pilot Knob Re-enactment
The Battle of Pilot Knob was one of the bloodiest battles in the US Civil War.  Taking place in Southeast Missouri.  Union and Confederate forces clashed in what is present day Pilot Knob, MO and Ironton, MO.  The battle eventually led to many casualties and fierce fight at the historic Fort Davidson.  
This re-enactment took place in September 2017.  Hundreds of re-enactors traveled to the famous battle site to re-enact the significant battle.  Legacy Media was on site with several cameras and caught the action very multiple different views.  This was all combined to create a historically accurate encounter from the Battle of Pilot Knob, also known as the Battle of Fort Davidson.
With over the high quality and amazing footage from unique perspectives, this video is sure to impress.  From life in the camps to the explosive (literally) conclusion, sit down and enjoy learning and reliving a part of American history.
The finished video is available on Blu-Ray or DVD.

Alternatively you can download and complete the official order form and then mail it to Legacy Media

* By placing an order for the 2017 Battle of Pilot Knob Re-enactment video, you hereby accept and acknowledge these terms.  All sales are final and there are no refunds.  If you have a question or concern, please contact Legacy Media prior to placing your order.  Legacy Media shall not be held liable for acts of God or disasters that would prevent future copies to be made.  In the unlikely case that a final video cannot be created due to "acts of God," disaster(s), or cancellation of the event, Legacy Media will provide a full refund, minus credit card processing fees.  

Important, please read prior to placing your order

After completing the form, please mail along with check or money order to:

Legacy Media

PO Box 325

Pilot Knob, MO 63663

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