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Keep Your Home & Belongings Safe

Legacy Media Proudly Offers


Home Security Cameras

Have Legacy Media design & install a security camera system for your home that can help ensure your loved ones and belongings stay safe.

Whether it's a simple camera at your front door, or video coverage of your entire property, we have the solution to provide the ultimate peace of mind. 


Home Security Systems

Home security is so much more then just a burglar system.  Making sure your family and home stay safe includes monitoring for fires, carbon monoxide and even water damage.  

Legacy Media can custom design a solution to help ensure peace of mind in a troubling world. 


Business Security Camera Systems

Your business is important, and making sure that your employees are safe as well as the premises and your inventory.  

Legacy Media offers solutions to give any business owner the peace of mind that when it's needed the video coverage of your business is optimal. 



Legacy Media partners with multiple vendors and suppliers to bring you the best of home security, automation and video camera setups.  

From High Definition cameras to live saving devices, Legacy Media ensures that the Technology will work for you. 

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