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Senior Pictures

Brunett Girl Senior Pictue

Legacy Media is proud to offer you a way to capture yourself in time.... one of the most exciting times in your life.  High school graduation.  A time of great achievement and a time of new beginnings.  

With our Senior Pictures sessions we look to artistically capture your accomplishments and your excitement of pursuing the next chapter in your life.  Senior pictures are great to share with family and friends and to hold on and cherish for years to come.  They will eventually provide a look back on your life right now, a major turning point in your life.  Make sure that this time is beautifully captured and shared by allowing Legacy Media to capture these moments.

We exclusively work outdoors in order to not have a canned studio feel to the pictures and to allow the surroundings of our beautiful area to be recorded as a part of your history.  No two people are exactly alike and neither are photo shoots.  For this reason we don't have a predetermined or preset of photos we take.  We go with the flow and create art with your photos as we capture you and the amazing surroundings.

Below we have listed the packages that we offer, but we can create custom packages as well.  We intend our services to be budget friendly but with nothing but the highest quality.

Senior Picture Girl Playing Guitar
Senior Picture Artistic

Senior Pictures Packages


Let us custom

make a solution

that fits exactly

what you are

looking for

and working

within your budget.





Up to 3 hours of shooting

Unlimited outfits

Bring your props

Bring friends

Up to 5 locations

Basic retouching

110+ digital proofs

Up to 20 final digital photos

8 (4x6) High Quality Prints in Folio



Gold Bar

Up to 2 hours of shooting

Up to 5 outfits

Bring your props

Bring friends

Up to 3 locations

80+ digital proofs

Up to 15 final digital photos



Silver Bar

Up to 1 hour of shooting

Up to 3 outfits

Bring your props

Bring friends

One location

50+ digital proofs

Up to 10 final digital photos



Additional Services Available

Additional Time

Basic retouching

Advanced retouching

Extended travel

Photo montage [set to music]

Photo to video transfer


Artistic color effects

Ask your representative about these additional services.

Blonde Girl Senior Picture
Senior Picture Playing Guitar
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