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Here is a small list of services we offer, however, this is not everything we can do for you, call today to discuss what you would like help using.

  • Using Email

  • Browsing the internet

  • Understanding what the internet is and how it works

  • Utilizing cloud storage

  • Using your Android or iPhone 

  • Setting up email on your phone, computer or tablet

  • Setting up and securing your home WiFi network

  • And so much more!

Call Legacy Media today!  (573) 546-0517

Laptop & Smartphone on desk
Typing on laptop

Technical Training

Today's technology is constantly changing and evolving around us.  Everywhere you look there are new gadgets allowing access to new services, constantly updating, and connecting to everyone everywhere.

How can you keep up with all of this, or do you really need to?  How can you learn how to use some of this technology to make life easier or just more enjoyable?

Well, this is where Legacy Media can come and help.  We have worked with and followed the latest trends, gadgets and technology since the mid 1990's.  With over 20 years experience we can help you understand, use and benefit from today's technology.  Whether you want to understand how to use your Android tablet or iPad, or perhaps how to use email on your computer, we are available to help.  From cell phones to computers and wireless networks, Legacy Media is your solution with today's tech gear to make the technology work for you.

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