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VHS to DVD Transfers

Completed By Legacy Media - Never shipped out to a 3rd party

Legacy Media is proud to offer our VHS to DVD transfer service knowing that we are one of the few companies that have the capability to do this locally for you. 


There are other options out there for having this service completed, but most of them are taking your precious memories and shipping it to another state to have another company actually complete the transfer.  We believe your memories are to precious to take the risk of shipping them to another company, not really knowing who is handling and working with your tapes.  

Local, quick and affordable VHS to DVD (or other digital media) services by Legacy Media.  VHS tapes will lose quality in picture and sound the older they get.  Eventually the tape will become brittle and/or unplayable.  So we highly encourage you to bring us your VHS home movies and get them transferred to a digital format, one that will last lifetimes.  

Call today for a free consultation.  Bulk pricing is available and we offer quick turnaround times.

VCR with VHS-C tapes and adapter
Pictue of VCR's
VHS Picture
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