Wedding Videos

First, let us say congratulations on your engagement!  


Now you are planning one of the most special days you will ever have. There is a long list of things you need to have lined up for your special day to run smoothly.  Trust us, we have been a part of a lot of weddings throughout the years.

Your Premier Wedding Videographer for Iron & St. Francis counties

Included in all of our videos:​

  • HD Video & Sound

  • Multi-Camera

  • Budget Friendly

  • Over 20 Years Experience

  • Unobtrusive shooting

Throughout the years we have been posed many times with the idea that a wedding video is not needed because you already have a photographer.  While we highly encourage you to have a professional photographer document your special day, there is more to the story.

Photographs are awesome to capture special moments throughout your day.  However, video captures those moments and more importantly all the other moments that become your entire day.  A photograph or picture is only a fraction of a second of time.  Rather then only seeing a few split seconds from your memorable day, you should be able to sit back and watch every moment in vivid beautiful High Definition picture and sound.  These videos are especially wonderful for celebrating your future anniversaries.  


We are proud to offer our services throughout Iron, St. Francis  and surrounding counties.  With our one of a kind landscapes and surroundings, we offer wedding videography for the following types of weddings and more!

  • Rustic Wedding

  • Traditional Wedding

  • Church Wedding

  • Outdoor Wedding

  • All other weddings

Wedding Bride & Groom Kissing

A list of some of the Missouri communities we serve: Farmington, Park Hills, Ironton, Arcadia, Pilot Knob, Bismark, Leadington, Potosi, Caladonia, Middle Brook, Belleview, Desloge, Fredricktown, Doe Run, Iron Mountain Lake, Irondale, Bonne Terre

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None of our wedding videos are the same.  Each one has it's own unique feel and presentation.  We do this because your day is special and unique and no wedding is exactly the same.  So why should your wedding video be the same? We use only High Definition video and sound to create your masterpiece.  

On your wedding day we coordinate with your other service providers (Officiator, DJ, Photographer, etc.) to be able to document your day in a non-intrusive way.  This way you are able to see all of the happy moments from your day without feeling like there is a camera in your face every where you go.Call today to further discuss your wedding plans and see if your date is still available.